Format: CD
Label: Reyes
Catalog: 0048980
Rel. Date: 02/20/2007
UPC: 724384898021

Greatest Hits
Artist: Paula Abdul
Format: CD
Used: Available

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Other artists have money-grubbed more egregiously. Motörhead have issued greatest hits comps in the double digits, and to be fair, Paula's first two best-ofs are probably long out of print. So honestly, we're psyched about the re-mastered goodness herein. We've heard of'"and enjoyed'"at least half of these 18 songs, and as for the ones we haven't, how can "It's All About Feeling Good" not live up to its title? Lesser-massive hits "Promise of a New Day" and "Vibeology" probably hold up pretty well against whatever Hilary Duff's doing. As for "Opposites Attract"'s incomparable MC Skat Kat, well, he was borne of a time where nobody would mistake his titular adjective for anything repugnant, and for that we love him.

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