Velvet Gloves and Spit
Artist: J. Moronta
Format: CD
Used: Available

Formats and Editions


1. Two-Bit Manchild
2. Modern Day Version of Love, A
3. Honey-Drippin' Times
4. Pot Smoker's Song, The
5. Brooklyn Roads
6. Shilo
7. Sunday Sun
8. Holiday Inn Blues
9. Practically Newborn
10. Knackelflerg
11. Merry-Go-Round


''Velvet Gloves and Spit'' is the third album by Neil Diamond. His first for MCA's UNi label, it included three low-charting singles: "Brooklyn Roads" (#58), "Two-Bit Manchild" (#66) and "Sunday Sun" (#68).

Upon its initial release in 1968, it only had ten songs. After the success of Diamond's next three albums, it was re-issued in 1970 with a new sleeve and now included a remake of "Shilo", a song that had previously been recorded for Bang Records, and had appeared on the preceding album, ''Just For You''. His motivation for doing this was the release of the song as a single by his old record label with a new backing track and alternate vocal take recorded at Chips Moman's American Studios in Memphis, and its chart position at #24 outselling Diamond's concurrently-released single "Until It's Time for You to Go", which only reached #53. - Wikipedia

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