Format: CD
Label: SONY
Catalog: 4984792
Rel. Date: 04/03/2001
UPC: 074646986424

Arrival [Import]
Artist: Journey
Format: CD
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''Arrival'' is the eleventh studio album by the rock band Journey, released in 2000. It was the band's first studio album with new lead vocalist Steve Augeri, who had replaced the better-known Steve Perry. In addition, Deen Castronovo replaced Steve Smith as the band's drummer.

The album was originally first released in Japan in late 2000, but due to its leakage onto the Internet, the band decided to delay its release in the United States. Due to feedback from fans who heard the leaked version of ''Arrival'', the band decided to record two harder rocking songs, which were included on the American version of the album.

''Arrival'' produced a minor adult contemporary hit with the ballad "All the Way", while rock fans were more satisfied with songs like "Higher Place" and the two new tracks on the American release, "World Gone Wild" and "Nothin' Comes Close".

Peaking at #56 on ''Billboards album chart, ''Arrival'' was the band's first album that did not receive at least gold status, since 1977's ''Next''. It was also their last studio album under Columbia Records, which had been the band's label since their self-titled 1975 debut. - Wikipedia

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