Listen Without Prejudice
Artist: George Michael
Format: CD
Used: Available

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''Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1'' is the second solo album from British pop star George Michael (on this album, it is spelled as ''George Michæl''), released in September 1990. Following the massive worldwide commercial success of his first album ''Faith'', this release found Michael awash in somewhat of an identity crisis, and a sudden and desperate bid to quickly create a new image for himself as a serious-minded artist (fresh off the heretofore-omnipresent George Michael media-blitz express), while still generating sales. Seemingly torn at first between his previous role as the camera-friendly media darling and his new role as abhorrer of all things visual, the album's title won out as a clear indication of his desire to be taken more seriously as a songwriter and artist in general (although cameras were allowed access to the recording studio on a number of occasions, the results of which ended up on an MTV "Rockumentary" soon afterward). The album was deemed by many as a reverse-psychological tactic to generate renewed interest from an ever larger (and more adult) fan base, but ended up a commercial disappointment sales-wise, compared to Michael's track record to date. Critical opinion of the album was mixed, with some hailing it as George's magnum opus, and a slight majority panning it as pretentious, overly plaintive, and boring. - Wikipedia

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