Format: CD
Label: GNP/Crescendo
Catalog: 8038
Rel. Date: 09/01/1994
UPC: 052824803824

Victor/Victoria [Original Soundtrack]
Artist: Henry Mancini
Format: CD
Used: Available

Formats and Editions


1. Main Title from "Crazy World" - (TRUE instrumental, with Henry M
2. You and Me - (with Julie Andrews/Robert Preston)
3. Gay Paree - (with Robert Preston)
4. Alone in Paris - (TRUE instrumental, with Henry Mancini)
5. King's Can Can - (TRUE instrumental, with Henry Mancini)
6. Jazz Hot, Le - (with Julie Andrews)
7. Shady Dame from Seville, The - (with Julie Andrews)
8. Big Lift, The - (previously unreleased, TRUE instrumental, with
9. Cat and Mouse - (TRUE instrumental, with Henry Mancini)
10. Crazy World - (with Julie Andrews)
11. Chicago, Illinois - (with Lesley Ann Warren)
12. Elegant - (previously unreleased, TRUE instrumental, with Henry
13. You and Me - (TRUE instrumental, with Henry Mancini)
14. Matelot Club, Le - (previously unreleased, TRUE instrumental, wi
15. Shady Dame from Seville, The - (previously unreleased, with Robe
16. Finale: The Shady Dame from Seville/Crazy World/You and Me/Le Ja

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