Format: CD
Label: MCA (USA)
Catalog: 11872
Rel. Date: 03/23/1999
UPC: 008811187224

Red Voodoo
Artist: Sammy Hagar
Format: CD
Used: Available

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''Red Voodoo'' is a Sammy Hagar and The Waboritas album. When Sammy finished touring behind his Marching To Mars album, he took the band from that tour and recorded this record. Red Voodoo is really an extension of the party atmosphere that permeated throughout Sammy's concerts on that tour and this album has that whimsical party vibe. ''"Mas Tequila"'' was the lead single and it almost served as a commercial for Sammy's other career endeavor, as his Cabo Wabo Tequila was being distributed widespread throughout the United States. The cover of this album even features a glass of Waborita that Sammy spent a portion of his concerts creating on stage during his last tour. - Wikipedia

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