Up Against My Heart
Artist: Rachel Mcgoye
Format: CD
Used: Available

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''Up Against My Heart'' was the fifth and final album that country music artist Patty Loveless would record for MCA Records.

This album had a bit of a troubled history, being recorded in Nashville, Tennessee during January and February 1991, with a planned June release in time for her summer concert schedule. However, the release was delayed until September which meant that it was in the stores only for the past two months of her tour. The album produced the singles "Jealous Bone", "Hurt Me Bad (In a Real Good Way)" and "Can't Stop Myself from Loving You", all of which Loveless performed in concert during her summer tour that year.

Largely because of the late release date and lack of a full concert tour to promote it, the album only reached #27 on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart. - Wikipedia

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